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Math websites

Excellent websites for fun learning and reinforcement of math skills:     Think Through Math   Select “Play the game”. Select addition, subtraction or multiplication and grade.     You can race to beat your time.  Click the red box, select math, select HSPMath, select Texas, click on the “4” ball or “5” ball for a challenge. Select a game.   Go under “Flashcards” or “Game Room” on the left side of the screen.    They can practice adding, subtracting and multiplying. Very important to know the addition, subtraction and multiplication facts from memorization or within a couple seconds. Select numbers then Math Trainer for adding, subtracting and multiplication.  Or at the home screen select games and pick a game to play.  Select your state – “Texas” press submit. Select the student tab then click on the “mathematics” rectangle. Click in the center book

“Houghton Mifflin Math 2007”, Click on “Grade 4”. Select any games.

Extra Help and Extra Practice is good, also eGames.  Select activities then select grade level. Click on Search.   At the top pick “Fourth” or “Fifth” for a challenge. Choose any of the activities like multiplication then select “play” option toward the top of the screen. 20 Questions and Countdown games are good ones.  Lots of fun games to choose from.  Lots of fun games to choose from.