weekly math news

The  last week of the six weeks is coming.  Oh man, it is coming. We have had some good things happening in sixth grade and some things that we can make better.  The 7th grade math is getting harder so we really need to make sure that we go home and look over what we have covered for the week in order to be better prepared for the class the next day and to ask me any questions about what needs to be cleared up.  The same thing goes for the 6th grade math, it is getting harder but some of us have to listen and focus in class a little more or you will miss it.  I really can't believe that we are November already and don't forget that this is the weekend where the time changes. The time will change on Sunday, it will spring forward one hour.  With this in mind, there is something that I would like for you guys to do for me.  If you do this by Monday you will get points for the weekly average grade coming up. Here it goes, Ratios will be started on Monday and I would like to know how many of you know the ways that ratios can be written.  Ratios are a comparison of two or more things.  You can write ratios in different ways, tell me what those ways are.  Next, unit rates are the price of one.  If I buy 16 ounces of orange juice at $1.20, how much will each ounce cost me?  Good luck, have a great weekend, I will be rooting for my daughter and the pioneer band at a big competition in San Antonio, see you on Monday.