weekly math news

A big thank you to my homeroom students.  We got to 4 weeks of 100% attendance and it feels great.  We are doing very well as a 6th grade group but there are just a few things that we have to work on in order to get better.  We have to make sure to follow all the rules in cafeteria, library, PE, hallways etc.  We do pretty well but every now and then some of you forget the rules.  As some of you have noticed, the classes are getting a little harder and like I said at the beginning of the year, we need to make sure and do our part.  Go home and go over what we covered in the class the day before.  We have also started working on imagine math and some of you need to start on your benchmark test.  You can even do this in the comfort of your own home.  These are the little things that will make you better as a student and get you ahead of what is going on.  The weeks have been flying by and we will be starting the 5th week of the six weeks on Monday, WOW!!!!  I hope that you all have a great weekend and make sure to root the Cowboys on, we will play on Sunday vs the Seattle Seahawks.  The game will be starting at 3:25.  I do have one little thing you can do for me for an extra 5 points on your weekly average.  Here it goes.  I want these 3 problems to be done and turned in to me on Monday.  1. .005 x 1.23  2. .567 x .12 and 3. 3.43 x .123  Good luck and have a great year.  No calculators, show me the work.