weekly math news

The 5th week of the 4th six weeks is done.  We need two more weeks for the six weeks to be over and we are headed to the 5th six weeks.  You should be excited.  Many things are going on here at our school and we have to make sure that we do take care of it.  Some of you will be coming to the academies on Saturday but if you weren't invited, you will.  We will have different groups going.  If you were invited I will see you there tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.  We will be having our 2nd benchmark this tuesday for math and wednesday for reading.  Be here.  If you want 5 points on your next test do the following problems for me.  1. x + 5 < 15  2.  3x > 45  and 3. y/5 < 60.  Have a great weekend.