weekly math news

 We have finished the 5th week of the six weeks and we are going into the 6th week of the six weeks.  This year is flying by and we need to understand that we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  Some of us need to make sure we take our notes from the day before, go over them at home and ask questions with anything that you had problems with.  It will get easier for you if you do this on a daily basis, but the thing is you have to do it.  I do have one concern and I guarantee you that we are going to work on this.  Our voice level by a select few of us when we are in hallway, cafeteria, etc. is just way too loud.  Many of you students I say for us to lower our voice level and you act like I am telling you to get louder.  We signed a social contract and we came up with a lot of words that we thought was crucial in order for us to have a successful year.  Some of you are not minding one of the most important words there, RESPECT.  I will talk to my homeroom and Mr. Huddleston's room on Monday on how we can fix this and really think about what we are going to do to fix this.  Respect comes in many ways and there are some of you that I can tell 3 or 4 times and you ignore what I am telling you, I guarantee you, we will fix that.  I would like for you to do the following for me for Monday and you will receive an extra 5 points on the last test.  Do these 4 problems for me by Monday please: 1. 23.4 X .123, 2. 48.4 divided by 2,  3. 546.3 X .23, 4. 54/.2=  Have a great weekend, hope to see you on Monday.  Don't forget, Cowboys take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.  Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!