weekly math news

Wow, we are done with two weeks and now we have one more week and we are off for Christmas vacation.  I need for you all to be aware that we are not on vacations yet, it will be till 12:30 of this coming Friday.  You need to do everything that needs to be done for school, AR included.  This coming week is the last week of the six weeks and then we will be heading to the middle part of the year, when we come back from christmas vacations.  Some of us are doing very well and we are where we have to be for this time of the year but some of you all need a lot of work to catch up.  You have to do your part and really focus and do your best when you are in class, during lesson or doing any kind of work.  It has to be done and you need to get it done.  Since this is the last week before we are off we have one test this coming week.  This test is to be dealing with a little bit of everything.  For an extra ten points on your upcoming test, we need to do the following on a piece of paper.  You need to find the area of the following rectangle and triangle.  The formula for the area of a rectangle is A=LW and the formula for finding the Area of a Triangle is A=1/2 BH.  Get these done by using the formulas, plug in the numbers and solve.  Rectangle has a Length of 5.5in. and Width of 12.2in.  The triangle has a Base of 8ft. and a height of 12ft.  Good luck and go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.