STAAR Information

What do students need to do to pass the Reading STAAR?

Students must be able to read passages silently and answer questions.  Passages may be short poems or stories that are several pages long.
*  Students need to understand the author's purpose and tone for writing and distinguish between main ideas and details in the writing.
*  Students need to understand focus skills such as cause and effect, character traits and motivations, fact and opinion, summarizing, and comparing and contrasting.
*  Students need to recognize figurative language such as similes, hyperboles, metaphors, idioms, personification, onomatopoeias,etc.
*  Students must be able use and read maps, charts, illustrations, tables, photos, and other reference and research items.
*  Students need to be able to find vocabulary that is used correctly in a sentence.
*  Students need to understand how roots, bases, prefixes, and suffixes are used to make words.
*  Students must be able to compare and analyze different types of writing and different texts on similar topics.
*  Students must identify common themes and ideas in two passages, poems, articles, stories, etc.  Often poetry, fiction, and/or non-fiction texts are compared and contrasted.
How can you help students prepare?

The number one thing that prepares students for the Reading STAAR is time spent reading.  Make reading for at least 15-30 minutes each night a priority.  This includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.
Check on your student's AR goal progress each week.   Students should always have a chapter book to read along with 2 non-fiction books. They are responsible for taking it home and bringing it to school each day.
Check students' writing to make sure they are using vocabulary words correctly.  Using strong vocabulary correctly is great preparation for the Reading STAAR.
Make sure students are here on time each day and stay from 7:50-3:25.  We read all types of materials all day long. 
Time away from school adds up and leads students to fall behind.