Parent Information

Information from the P.E. Department

(Joe Carranza, Maricela Jimenez, Roman Munguia)

Following is a short list of rules and expectations:

1.If your child has a serious medical condition that we need to be aware of, notify the P.E. department and the nurse’s  office immediately. We will make adjustments so that their P.E. experience will be enjoyable. Also, if they have a temporary ailment that requires sitting out of P.E., they must bring a note from either a parent, physician, nurse, or teacher; otherwise, they will be expected to participate. Notes issued by parents will only be valid for 3 days. If the student is unable to participate for an extended period of time, they will receive an “S” (80) for satisfactory for the six week grading term.

2. As per new district policy, proper footwear is required. This means regular athletic shoes only (no sandals, slip-ons,  hiking boots, strapless heels, Crocs, etc.). They should be secured by laces or Velcro. If they wear other shoes to school, they must still bring a pair of athletic shoes to change into for P.E. This includes Kindergarten. If they forget their athletic shoes three times during the course of the school year, they will receive a mark in the discipline book and will miss one reward day.

3. All of our students will be:00 active participants in our daily fitness activity. We recommend that girls wear shorts under their skirts and dress.

4. Children are always welcome to wear a hat to protect them from the sun. They may also bring sunscreen or their own bottled water if necessary. Due to the heat, most of the activities during the first couple of months will be indoors.

5. If behavior is a problem, the student receives a warning or a mark in the discipline book, based on the coach’s discretion. They are usually directed to sit on the bench. Consequences for receiving a mark include missing a reward day, which occurs once every three weeks. On those days, students with marks by their names spend their P.E. time walking for exercise. Actual walking time amounts to about 10-15 minutes.

6. Each six weeks, students will be given two grades in each of the following three areas: Skills/Fitness, Social Skills/Sportsmanship, and Participation/Attitude. Those six grades will be averaged to form one overall P.E. grade. They will also receive a grade for Health.

Finally, parents are always welcome to visit, observe, help and even participate.

Our conference period is 8:15-9:00.  It’s going to be a   great year!


Thank you, from the Wernecke P.E. staff.