weekly math news

A big thank you for a great week.  Can you believe that the first week is out and it is history.  Wow!!!!!! I hope that you had a great week like I did.  I talked to the other teachers and everyone was pleased on how we started.  The hard part is that you have to keep it up.  Just remember, if it feels right, it's probably the right thing to do, if it feels wrong, think about what you are doing.  Thank you and your parents for such a great week.  I have three classes that are doing sixth grade math and I have 2 classes that are doing 7th grade math.  Not very easy, but possible.  I hope that you all have a great weekend and I can't wait to see you guys on Monday.  Remember, attendance is very important, please come to school.  Before you finish I need for you to do something for me.  You know that football season is about to start and I am ready to see my Cowboys make it all the way to the Super Bowl.  I need for you to do the following for me and you will get an extra 10 points on this coming weeks TEST.  Here it is:  I want for you to put these numbers in order from least to greatest.  23;24;-23;-24; 500 and -500.  Then put something wishing the Cowboys luck for the season.  Do this on a piece of paper.  Have a great weekend.