weekly math news

The last week of the 2nd six weeks is over.  Starting Monday, we will start the first week of the 3rd six weeks.  Many things are happening this next week, we will be having our family picnic and our AR reward party on Thursday of this next week.  We will be having no UIL or tutoring sessions this week because there will be no after school buses going on this week.  Wednesday will be the day that you will be taking your 2nd six weeks report cards home.  Can you believe that we have one more week and then we are having one week off for Thanksgiving, unbelievable.  Many of you went down on your averages in your classes, try to figure out what you could have done different and make those changes so that we can get back on track for this 3rd six weeks.  I went to go see my daughter with the pioneer band up in San Antonio for the state finals and it was a great experience for me as a parent and my daughter as a band member.  Hopefully those of you that plan to do band till high school get to experience the same thing.  The Cowboys have a tough game on Sunday vs the Atlanta Falcons.  Hopefully we can pull out a win and get closer to the league leading Eagles.  Have a great weekend and if you want to get an extra 5 points on your weekly average for the upcoming week, do something for me.  Answer this question for me, How many sides does on Octagon, decagon and a nonagon have? Enjoy.