weekly math news

 The first week of the six weeks has come and gone.  We have been receiving a lot of information about students not following directions and not listening.  We need to fix that problem because we need to act like the oldest students in school.  Those of you that are playing football or volleyball in intramurals please read this and listen.  You have to understand that it is a privilege to be playing these sports and we want you at your best.  You signed and you know the expectations.  I will talk to you and ask you to change the behavior but if it continues you will not be part of the teams any longer.  Please fix the problems because we would love to finish off the year with everyone playing.  I hope that you all have a great weekend and if you want some extra points on this weeks upcoming test, I need for you to get something done for me.  If you are in Mr. Huddleston's class, Give me the answers to the following problems.  1> -56 + 87=  2> - 105 + -105=  3>-1500 - 1200.

If you are in Mr. Guerra's homeroom, I want the total you will pay on a 75.00 food bill with a 20% tip and 8% tax, The total.  Have a great one and Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!