Lee, Angelica

Mrs. Lee

   Hi!  My name is Mrs. Angelica Lee and I'm going to be your 3rd grade teacher!  This will be my seventh year teaching 3rd grade and I've also been a 4th grade teacher here at Wernecke for 4 years.  I'm excited for what the future holds for us!  We will explore, learn, and have fun together this year. 
   I love teaching Science because it's a fascinating subject to teach and you get to learn new things everyday!  I can't wait to help you learn great qualities that will make you a great scientist or explorer one day. I enjoy Social Studies just as much because the kids get to learn new things for the very first time about their community, state, country, and the world. Above all my heart belongs to Reading because that is my true passion-Reading.
   I was born and raised here in the magical RGV and come from a family of 9 siblings.  I am married and have a 8 year old boy that keeps me energized at all times, and a baby that is growing way too fast.
   I can't wait to spend this new year learning and growing with you! 
My Favorites
Food:  Sushi
Fast Food:  Chick fil a
Movie:  Avatar
Book:  Anything by Nicholas Sparks
Color:  Pink
Drink:  Water/Ginger Ale
Season:  Spring
Sport:  Basketball/Boxing/Swimming/Tennis/Golf
Animal:  Dog/Dolphin
Hobby:  Going to the movies & Reading